It’s been a year since this trivia is open, Here are the results:

1 fax log entry tried to sell me some Florida vacation packages. I guess Tiger had great score cards there, … close enough.

1 fax log entry advertised about the industry in which The city of Pittsburgh are experts, … birdie

My inner consciousness tells me i should own a metal structure to park my car and go get some rest with shades.

Anyway, the leitmotiv behind this was not to get too serious about openers.

Perhaps, I’m still openly available for discussion.

An IT scope labour

A few folks at Microsoft evangelist community are liking what i’ve done lately. i am trying keep my neutrality towards technological choices advices even if my heart has a preference for MSFT environements. With Web Matrix and Azure, the tech stack grid choices are getting deeply multiple which locks test cases to a reeeally large grid (sic). Having something functional is a barely minimum outside which no one wishes to step out. Coupling stack evolution with hardware renewal is the greatest to stay vertically considered.