English post about cellphones

CRITERIA FOR CELLPHONE I’M WILING TO BUY (In decreasing order of importance)

  1. microsoft windows mobile 6 (or 5 if it can run outlook)
  2. no touch screen (I hate it)
  3. worldphone 900-1800-1900 (Orange France & Orange Caraibes)
  4. gsm 850 (FIDO-ROGERS)
  5. compatible cdma-hspa (BELL CANADA)

On phonescoop.com the only phone matching those criteria is the Palm TREO 750 which is available on eBay for 138$ plus shipping fees. I am indeed arriving to the same conclusion than a few years before except that this time, the palm treo 750 is a little old so I don’t know yet what is going to be my my next xsimove !